The Youth Choir is the ideal continuation of the didactic work carried out with the White Voices Chorus: a group that has a solid background and a choral experience already proven by a constant commitment.

Composed exclusively of girls aged between 15 and 23 years and coming from the experience of the Choir of White Voices, it represents the ideal continuation of the didactic-artistic work carried out in the previous years, characterized by solid bases of knowledge and familiarity with the musical language, acquired through the use of the “Cantar leggendo” method by Maestro Roberto Goitre.

The girls of the juvenile, with behind a solid formation and choral experience gained over time and tried by a constant commitment, dedicate themselves to the study of a very vast repertoire, which ranges from Renaissance music to compositions by contemporary authors.
This training participates in frequent exchanges with national and foreign choirs, and also takes part in various exhibitions and competitions. In May 1998, he won the “Summa cum laude” first prize at the International Neerpelt Competition in Belgium.

The homogeneous derivation gives the group a remarkable possibility of harmony that, thanks to constant study and tests, allows for brilliant results.

The youth choir, like every social reality, is a sort of “small community” in which opinions and words are exchanged, and especially one shares something more personal, one’s own voice. The most beautiful thing is being together, singing can in fact be a means of socialization and aggregation, a moment of growth and comparison. Singing in choir means knowing how to be in harmony with other people and, as in a small family, continuity and interest keep the spirit that feeds the bases alive: trying diligently leads to great satisfaction and every single component is important and essential to make the mechanism work. Sometimes it is a bit difficult to keep a constant commitment because the group, made up of girls of such different ages, between high schools, universities, work and other kinds of commitments, must try to respect the needs of all the choir members who are trying to be present at the Thursday evening trial, considering it an indispensable moment.

Singing, for the girls of the Farnesiano, is above all a pleasure and a fun, which begins already in meeting before the test, (and sometimes even during, to the delight of the Master), when we chat, we tell ourselves about the week and then we begin to warm the voice with the vocalizations. And the authentic friendships established, then continue outside the purely musical moment.

Plato said that, as gymnastics served to strengthen the body, so music had to serve to enrich the soul, considering it an educational function like mathematics. Thus the youth choir, a fresh and dynamic reality, is a testimony of how music really has an important formative value.