In 1981 Mario Pigazzini succeeds Roberto Goitre, who died suddenly in 1980, in the artistic direction of the choir. Pigazzini, who at the school of Goitre has grown up and who knows every facet of his teaching, believes he is convinced of his master’s dream and with him the Farnesiano Choir takes more and more vigorous roots: here is the consolidation of the choral singing school articulated in three years preceding entry into the white voices and evening courses for adult music literacy; the constitution of the Youth Voices next to the White Voices and the Mixed Voices, and later to an instrumental group, precious for the execution of pieces that foresee orchestral accompaniment.

Mario Pigazzini has carried out his activity as a choirmaster, devoting himself especially to the teaching of choral singing. Convinced assertor of the validity of the “Cantar leggendo” method by Roberto Goitre, he deepened the methodology by applying and developing it in all the pedagogical connotations with his choirs. He has held courses in music teaching and concert lectures on the “Goitre” methodology in many Italian cities and in various countries: Greece, France, Germany, Andorra, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and Belgium. In 2004 and 2005 he held at the Conservatory of Piacenza the Annual Training Courses for Teachers of Music Education.
He was invited to hold at the Cagliari Conservatory a.a. 2005-2006, the course: Roberto Goitre – Cantar reading – educational path for the knowledge of the method.

He was Professor of Choral Exercises at the “G. Nicolini” Conservatory of Piacenza until 2010.

Since 1981 he has been the director of the three formations of the Farnesiano Polyphonic Choir of Piacenza: White Voices, Youth Voices and Mixed Voices.